Organizational Sales Effectiveness


Organizational sales effectiveness occurs when the right balance is achieved between the “what” and “how” of selling.

The “what” represents the approach or methodology that your organization selects to ensure sustainability of sales practices and predictability of sales efforts. The success of a methodology is directly related to the alignment of all customer-serving functions and the ability of sales management to reinforce and coach.   Methodologies provide discipline and ensure a professional approach to markets and customers, they represents the image you want to project to your markets, through your field force. Because it guides your field force's actions and optimizes the utilization of your resources, it protects your bottom line. Your methodology can be viewed as a 'bottom line' approach to selling. 

We call this Sales Operations Excellence.

The “how” of selling refers to the sales professional's ability to execute the methodology. It is the grouping of competencies or skills that are demonstrated when your field force is face-to-face with your customer or prospect.  When developing skills, the return on your investment is almost immediate as the skills can be applied at once, and with the proper coaching, they will continue to be applied with each client or prospect interaction.   Skills are the 'top line' in selling; they generate revenue while the methodology protects the net income.  It is important to note, however, that without the proper skill sets, even the best methodology can have, at best, mediocre results. 


We call this Selling Execution Excellence.

How well your organization strikes the balance between the two will directly impact your ability to compete within your chosen markets.  We invite you to enter our site and explore how we can be of assistance to you in establishing the right balance for your organization.

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